Elected NASCE Fellows


Elected NASCE Fellows

(Fellows of the North American Society for Comparative Endocrinology)

Election to be a NASCE Fellow is an honor for current NASCE members. Fellows are recognized for their significant, independent contributions to the advancement of general and comparative endocrinology. Election as a NASCE Fellow is an honor and all NASCE Fellows are expected to exemplify the commonly held standards of professional conduct and scientific integrity.

Carlos Arámburo (elected May, 2022)
Carlos Arámburo

John Chang (elected May, 2022)
John Chang

Robert Denver (elected May, 2022)
Bob Denver

Robert Dores (elected May, 2022)

Angela Lange (elected May, 2022)
Angela Lange

Aurea Orozco Rivas (elected May, 2022)
Aurea Orozco Rivas

Peter Thomas (elected May, 2022)
Peter Thomas

Vance Trudeau (elected May, 2022)
Vance Trudeau

Glen Van Der Kraak (elected May, 2022)
Glen Van Der Kraak