Update from the President

Dear NASCE Members,


It has been just 10 months since our very successful meeting in Ottawa. Many thanks to Vance Trudeau for organizing the meeting, and making our stay in Ottawa most enjoyable. The articles for the “Proceedings” from the Ottawa meeting are now all available online, and the printed issue in General and Comparative Endocrinology will be released soon.


That said, it seems incredible that we need to turn our attention to our meeting for 2017. As you recall, we are staging a joint meeting with the International Federation of Comparative Endocrinology Societies (IFCES), and this meeting will be the 18th International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology (ICCE18; http://www.icce18.ca/ ). The meeting will be held from June 4 to June 9, 2017 at Chateau Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. The local organizing committee led by Hamid Habibi (University of Calgary) and John Chang (University of Alberta), both NASCE members, has done a wonderful job planning the logistics for the meeting. In addition, the International Program Committee, chaired by Bob Denver (University of Michigan), also a NASCE member, has put together a stimulating program of symposia that provide the breath of topics that you are accustomed to from our previous NASCE meetings.


The list of symposium titles appears at the end of this message. Here are some highlights. There are 19 symposia in the program including our “NASCE President’s Symposium: Recent Progress in Cartilaginous Fish Endocrinology.” There will be seven plenary lectures which will include the Gorbman/Bern Lecture (Bob Denver is the awardee), and the Gorbman/Bern Young Investigator awardee (more on this award below). In addition, I am pleased to announce that Stacia Sower (NASCE member) will receive the Bargmann-Scharrer award! As you can see, NASCE is very well represented in the plenaries and in the layout of the program. The scientific program will also include two poster sessions.


In terms of the next step, very soon (within the next few weeks) the local organizing committee will open up registration for the hotel and for the meeting. While this may appear to be early, it is imperative that one makes hotel reservations as soon as possible. For the conference, we are receiving an incredibly reduced rate for the hotel rooms. Thus, I encourage you to make reservations before the block of rooms reserved for the conference are sold out. The Local Organizing Committee will be posting updates on room availability as we proceed through the registration process.


ICCE18 is our biannual NASCE meeting. I strongly encourage you to attend and present your incredibly interesting science to our colleagues from around the world. The Local Organizing committee is developing a plan for student support, and details will be released at the time of registration. Hamid Habibi has done a fantastic job putting this meeting together, and I think you will be pleased when you see the details for registration. There are three topics that our membership needs to address as we move forward for ICCE18.


The first issue is selection of the Gorbman/Bern Young Investigator awardee. In September you will receive an announcement calling for nominations.


The second issue is payment of biannual dues as a NASCE member. The funds that we have committed for ICCE18 have come from the dues collected in 2015. Thus far we have contributed $8,000 to ICCE18 for student support. Part of the funds for our biannual meeting in 2019 will come from the dues we collect in 2017. The success we have enjoyed at our NASCE biannual meetings is in part the result of banking money for the next meeting through the dues collection mechanism designed by Bob Denver.


We should collect dues in January of 2017 that WILL BE SET ASIDE for our 2019 meeting. You will all be contacted by e-mail, and I am confident that we will be in a strong financial position for the 2019 NASCE meeting.


Issue three is the 2019 NASCE meeting. Based on our rotation plan, this meeting should be held at a site in the U.S.A. Please consider organizing a team to host this meeting. There will be an e-mail announcement in October of 2016 calling for meeting proposals.


We will keep you posted on updates for ICCE18, nominations for the Gorbman/Bern Young Investigator award, collecting bi-annual dues in 2017, and the call for proposals for NASCE 2019.






Robert M. Dores, Ph.D., University of Denver (rdores@du.ed)

President, NASCE



Symposia for ICCE18 (joint meeting with NASCE)


  • Endocrine Disruption in Aquatic Vertebrates – Lessons Learned and Future Prospects. A Tribute to Professor Louis J. Guillette, Jr.


  • Steroid Receptor Actions and Their Signaling: Nongenomic vs. Genomic


  • Fish sexual development


  • Kisspeptins: mandatory or optional for reproduction


  • The Hormonal Control of Osmoregulation in Vertebrates


  • Early Life Adversity and the Stress Response/Stress coping mechanisms


  • Old questions, new technological approaches in thyroid hormone signaling/Thyroid hormone – from the molecule to the organism


  • Neurochemical Regulation of Instinctive Behavior


  • Biological Rhythms, circadian clock


  • Conservation Endocrinology


  • Eco-Evo-Devo: The Physiology of Phenotypic Variation


  • Neuropeptide-GPCR signalling and behaviour


  • Integrating factors of appetite, energy balance and growth


  • Insulin and insulin-like peptides, vertebrate and invertebrate


  • Invertebrate sex steroids: facts and misconceptions


  • Plasticity in the neuroendocrine system


  • NASCE President’s Symposium: Recent Progress in Cartilaginous Fish Endocrinology


  • Neuroendocrinology of invertebrate deuterostomes – a crucial link between protostomes and vertebrates


  • ISAREN: Environmental and genetic influences on amphibian and reptilian endocrine systems