Message from the President

I would like to begin by acknowledging the fine job that Carlos Arámburo did as our president for the past two years. I hope that my term runs as smoothly. In addition, I am delighted that John Chang will serve as Vice President/President-elect for the next two years.

The 3rd NASCE Meeting, held in Ottawa, Canada last month was a huge success largely due to the outstanding leadership provided by the Local Organizing Committee headed by Vance Trudeau, and ably assisted by Nafissa Ismail, Katie Gilmour, and Valerie Langlois. The proceedings of the meeting will be published in a special issue of General and Comparative Endocrinology. Authors please note the deadline for submission of manuscripts posted on the meeting web site.

With the Ottawa meeting, the society has now completed one full cycle of meetings in the U.S. (Ann Arbor, 2011), Mexico (Queretaro, 2013), and most recently Canada (Ottawa, 2015). The success of these meetings was made possible by the extraordinary efforts of our three past presidents, Bob Denver, Vance Trudeau, and Carlos Arámburo.

Our 2017 meeting is planned for June 4th – 9th, 2017 at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada where we will be part of the 2017 International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology (2017 ICCE) that will organized by the International Federation of Comparative Endocrinology Societies (IFCES). NASCE will integrate our scientific program into the International Congress’ scientific program. To this end, the NASCE Council voted to join IFCES at the Ottawa meeting. Several NASCE members led by Hamid Habibi (University of Calgary) and John Chang (University of Alberta) have formed a Local Organizing Committee, and several NASCE members have been invited to participate on the International Program Committee for the 2017 ICCE meeting. Hence, the 2017 ICCE meeting will be our “NASCE” meeting for 2017. Over the next two years be watching for announcements and updates on the 2017 ICCE meeting.

For 2019 we will return to our three country rotation, and we will be looking for site in the U.S. to hold the 2019 NASCE meeting. We will put out a call for proposals for that meeting in 2016.

For the present, enjoy the summer, continue to send contributions to the NASCE Web site, and be watching for announcements and updates from our new Secretary/Treasurer, Angela Lange.

Best regards,

Robert M. Dores