The Biennial Conference of the NASCE

a) The biennial conference of the NASCE (started in 2011) should be preferably held alternating in the three North American countries. In a year when the NASCE conference coincides with the International Congress of Comparative Endocrinology (ICCE), the Council will vote on whether to hold the conference in conjunction with the ICCE.

b) Proposals to host the next NASCE conference will be solicited by the President in advance of the biennial meeting. Proposers will present their proposal to the Council during the Council meeting at the NASCE. The Council will decide who will host the next NASCE.

c) The President of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) shall be appointed by the Council, and the members of the LOC shall be appointed by the President of the LOC in agreement with the Officers of the Council.

d) The LOC is responsible for organizing the NASCE biennial meeting, with the exception of the scientific program that will be organized by the Program Committee (PC) in conjunction with the LOC.

e) The Chair of the LOC shall submit a detailed budget estimate for organizing all aspects of the NASCE conference to be approved by the Council.

f) The budget for the NASCE conference is the sole responsibility of the LOC. The Chair of the LOC may request seed funding for the NASCE conference (e.g., to make commitments to plenary speakers). Residual funds remaining after the NASCE conference will be deposited in the NASCE bank account.

g) The Council shall appoint the PC. Members of the PC will include the officers and the members of the Council, the Chair of the LOC for the upcoming NASCE, and up to six additional members appointed for a two-year term. Membership shall be broadly representative of the geographical and scientific diversity of NASCE.

h) The Council will appoint the Chair of the PC. The Chair of the LOC and the President of NASCE will serve as Vice-chairs of the PC.