Officers and Council

a) The officers of the NASCE shall be the President, the Vice-President, the Past President, and the Secretary-Treasurer. The intention is that each of the three participating countries shall have representation among the officers. The aforementioned officers constitute the Executive Committee. There shall be twelve “at large” members of the Council elected from the membership and registered individuals, plus the North American Editor-in-Chief of the journal “General and Comparative Endocrinology” should be invited to be a voting member of Council.  The NASCE Council should be broadly representative of the three participating countries (Canada, United Mexican States – Mexico, United State of America – USA). The President shall hold office for a term of two years; the Vice-President shall be elected from the membership for a two-year term and shall accede to the office of President; the most current Past-President will have a two year term on the Executive Committee, followed by a two year term as an ex-officio member of the Council, and as such, has the same rights as the other members of the Council. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected from the membership for a four-year term, and may be re-elected to the same office once. The twelve “at large” members of Council shall be elected from the membership for a term of four years each, and may be re-elected to the Council Special attention shall be given to the balance of geographic and research area representations. The chair and chair-elect of the Division of Comparative Endocrinology (DCE) of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology will be standing members of the NASCE Council.


b) If the President should resign or unexpectedly pass away, the Vice-President shall accede to the Presidency, for the balance of the term; Council shall elect a new Vice-President from among its membership. If the Vice-President or Secretary-Treasurer should die or resign, the Council shall elect a new officer from among its members for the balance of the term(s).


c) Candidates for NASCE officer positions will be nominated by a Nomination Committee, selected by the current NASCE officers and chaired by the NASCE Vice-President. The Nomination Committee will have three members (in addition to the Chair), one from each of the participating countries. Nominations for NASCE Council positions will be solicited from the NASCE membership (self-nominations are appropriate). The Nomination Committee is charged with insuring a wide geographical distribution of nominees as well as a balanced representation of nominees of both genders and of nominees with vertebrate and invertebrate scientific research backgrounds. Brief biographical sketches will be solicited from all nominees and distributed to the NASCE Council at least one month before the ballot is distributed. Elections will be held by electronic ballot at least one month prior to the biennial conference. The NASCE Council will be the voting body for all elections and the nominees for the different positions receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared elected. As the timing of the elections is dependent on the timing of the biennial NASCE conference, the length of the elected terms may vary accordingly.