Name and Mission

The name of the organization is the North American Society for Comparative Endocrinology (abbreviated NASCE; also known as La Societé Nord-Americaine d’Endocrinologie Comparée; La Sociedad Norteamericana de Endocrinologia Comparada). The purpose of the NASCE is to promote the comparative study of hormones and hormone action. This includes topics in evolutionary, environmental (including endocrine disrupters), general and biomedical endocrinology/neuroendocrinology. The NASCE will foster the study and conservation of diverse species, and of non-traditional animal model systems (i.e., invertebrate and vertebrate) to elucidate basic mechanisms of hormone action, the evolution of animal endocrine systems, and factors affecting the health of human and wildlife populations. Through our meetings and symposia, and participation in meetings of sister societies we will facilitate the exchange of ideas and collaborations among scientists worldwide, and encourage and foster career development of our junior members.


Although currently constituted of North American countries, the Society may in the future include countries in South America, at which time it will be renamed the Pan-American Society for Comparative Endocrinology (PASCE). At that time the bylaws will be modified accordingly.