Meeting of the NASCE Council

a) The Council shall meet in person during the biennial NASCE Conference.

b) Any business of the Council may be transacted at a “virtual meeting” provided it has been called in accordance with the NASCE Bylaws. The President shall preside over the meeting. In the absence of anyone eligible to perform the duties of President according to these Bylaws, those present at the meeting who are eligible to vote shall elect from among themselves a person to preside over the meeting.

c) Call to, and conduct of, a “virtual meeting”. A “virtual meeting” may be called by the President at any time. The Council shall set policy for the conduct of a “virtual meeting”. This policy shall ensure that a reasonable time is allotted, given the current and widely available communication options, to notify Council members of the meeting, receive background information, present and receive opinions and conduct a vote, and shall also provide a mechanism to refer items to an “in person meeting” when a majority of the Council so desires.


d) Quorum. At any Council Meeting, the presence of at least fifty percent of the voting members of the Council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. In the case of a “virtual meeting”, the presence of a member shall be determined by that member casting a vote on the motion under consideration. However, the question of a quorum will be raised only when matters of Society policy are being discussed.