Dr. Maricela Luna-Muñoz

Maricela Luna-Muñoz obtained a degree in Pharmaceutical Biologist Chemistry from UNAM (1982),  an M.Sc. degree in Biology of Animal Reproduction at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa (1986), and a Ph.D. in Physiological Sciences (1995) at UNAM, graduating with honors.  

Maricela Luna-Muñoz has carried out research at Dr. Steven Harvey’s laboratory at University of Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Maricela Luna-Muñoz joined the Institute of Neurobiology (UNAM) as a full-time researcher and have collaborated with Dr. Carlos Arámburo, focusing on several aspects of structural and functional characterization of growth hormone (GH) in birds (chicken), mammals (rat) and reptiles (iguana). In the resent years, Dr. Maricela Luna-Muñoz has studied the role and importance of locally expressed GH in diverse immune, reproductive, and nervous tissues. Currently, Dr. Maricela Luna-Muñoz is working on the neuroprotective effects of GH and IGF-I in response to neural damage provoked by hypoxia/ischemia in the cerebellum and the eye, employing both in vitro and in vivo models. 

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